[uclibc-ng-devel] [PATCH] poll: avoid calling select with empty sets which hangs the process

Yann Sionneau ysionneau at kalray.eu
Tue Jan 28 15:30:25 CET 2020


I've sent this patch for review, I didn't run any testsuite yet on it.

But I don't think also that there is much test about poll() in the 

I just confirmed it fixes my small reproducer test and the python3 

Any opinion on this fix/issue?

FYI the small test program was not hanging on musl/glibc but was hanging 
on 2 different arch on uClibc-ng (aarch64 and Kalray kv3).



On 1/28/20 3:27 PM, ysionneau at kalray.eu wrote:
> If you call poll with only invalid file descriptors, like in python3

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