[uclibc-ng-devel] uClibc-ng 1.0.30 released

Waldemar Brodkorb wbx at uclibc-ng.org
Sat Apr 28 21:43:33 CEST 2018


I released uClibc-ng 1.0.30 today.
Many thanks to Dave Flogeras who pushed me to my limits to
get the annyoing dlclose() issue fixed.

Short summary:
748422473 (HEAD -> master, tag: v1.0.30, origin/master, origin/HEAD,
github/master) bump for release 1.0.30
3f100edcc mention Tile architecture
14be0795f libdl: first execute all destructors, then munmap library
132decd2a libdl: calculate the length for second parameter of
04a676f3c linuxthreads: implement pthread_condattr_{s,g}etclock()
d86bd3529 libdl: end must be bigger than start
8d7723d1c libdl: remove gcc warnings
d89de5cba libiconv: remove function, which is not available w/o
libiconv a4 macros
35105679b libdl: fix problem with unmapping
eb560ac79 libdl: better checking and logging for ctors/dtors
744e199bb libdl: remove dead code
0c8cc6e7e libdl: remove LDSO_NO_CLEANUP
07dfe7c86 libdl: cleanup old inline changelog
aaf1b2f56 Revert "libdl: fix dlclose() issue"
343fb004d common/sendfile.c: bugfix can't support offset is NULL
2d8a38e1a Revert "common/sendfile.c: bugfix can't support offset is
ad6c75c47 lseek.c: bugfix ltp lseek01.c
b00fd230e common/sendfile.c: bugfix can't support offset is NULL
161d237ad use __NR_newfstatat only for modern Linux architectures
91e21d251 hppa: fix runtime issues
8be3a69f1 csky: support bsd-setjmp and bsd-_setjmp.
bf4c2d242 libdl: fix dlclose() issue
5bdc2b4de Revert "Revert "libdl: fix size parameter when unmap
library in dlclose""
490e84f5e tile: add basic support for tilegx
6e627523e sparc32: Add nop before __startcontext to stop unwinding
01e9f2f20 utils: fix compile of msgfmt/msgmerge
c03cce8f7 fenv: only allow for ppc e500

best regards

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