[uclibc-ng-devel] new release 1.0.18 - Delirium Nocturnum

Waldemar Brodkorb wbx at uclibc-ng.org
Tue Sep 27 21:48:24 CEST 2016

Hi Embedded Hackers,

I cut a new release today. I think most important
change is the commit:
use a single libc and deduplicate threading code

Please report any breakage or regressions.

Have fun!


Here are the complete changes:

Eric Le Bihan (1):
      librt: fix path parsing in __spawni()

Eugeniy Paltsev (1):
      ARC: Fix max ULP for cosine test

Leonid Lisovskiy (1):
      linuxthreads: Fix up pthread.h for XPG7.

Rahul Bedarkar (1):
      elf-{fdpic, dsbt}.h: avoid void pointer's subtraction

Vineet Gupta (1):
      ARC: Support syscall ABI v4

Waldemar Brodkorb (21):
      sunrpc: Do not use alloca in clntudp_call
      arm: fix compile in thumb mode
      linuxthreads: install libpthread_nonshared.a
      delete dead code, use -Wdeclaration-after-statement by default
      mips: add NaN support
      remove DOMULTI support
      test: disable regex tests
      microblaze: fixup headers to make gdb compile happy
      sync header with glibc
      remove dead code and documentation
      always assume tgkill is present
      linuxthreads: use tkill syscall for raise
      test: sync tst-atfork2 with GNU libc
      use a single libc and deduplicate threading code
      locale: cleanup support
      microblaze: add ulps file
      test: fix parallel build issue
      ldd: fix compile for some architectures
      test: remove ULPs for unsupported architecture
      locale: disable parallel build as it is broken here
      bump for release

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