[uclibc-ng-devel] new release 1.0.16

Waldemar Brodkorb wbx at uclibc-ng.org
Sun Jul 3 01:05:23 CEST 2016


I cut a new release today. Highlights are a lot of new contributors
provided a lot of bugfixes. I added support for a new architecture
called NDS32 from Andes Technology.

Test results will follow in a few days here:

Full changelog:
Alexey Brodkin (2):
      ARC: remove deprecated -msoft-float from CFLAGS
      libs: install backward compatibility symlinks

Anton Kolesov (1):
      ARC: Implement .note.ABI-tag section in crt1.S

Eugeniy Paltsev (2):
      Fix hardcoded mmap offset
      test: inet: Fix warning messages
Ingo van Lil (1):
      inet/resolv: Try search domains first for unqualified names

Jan Vangorp (2):
      Fix infinite loop when fopencookie custom write returns 0 on error
      Fix return value of fwrite when a 'hard' error occurs

Leonid Lisovskiy (6):
      tests: Take in account Makefiles that have meaning for rebuild only.
      linuxthreads.old: Fix segfault when pthread_mutex_unlock()
called against unlocked NORMAL mutex.                       
      ARM: nptl: Use generic lowlevellock.c, patch from glibc
      ldso: Consistently set & use DL_OPENED flag in both ld.so and libdl
      ldso: fix dlsym hang when reloading DSOs
      bits/sigset.h: Fix _EXTERN_INLINE redefinition
Lucian Cojocar (1):
      bugfix: ARM: memset.S: use unsigned comparisons
Max Filippov (1):
      tests: add %ms scanf format test

Nicolas Cavallari (1):
      sysconf: Support _SC_(AV)?PHYS_PAGES.

Vineet Gupta (1):
      ARC: Enable shared crt1

Vlad Zakharov (1):
      test: regex: Make testregex return error count

Waldemar Brodkorb (19):
      arm: add non-assembly versions of pthread_spin_lock/pthread_spin_trylock
      remove MJN only debug messages
      ppc: cleanup unsupported ppc64 code
      test: sync with GNU libc
      test: quieten some gcc warnings
      microblaze: remove unused dead code
      ssp: remove SSP legacy code
      test: add new mmap tests from glibc
      arc: use generic lowlevellock
      metag: use generic lowlevellock
      xtensa: use generic lowlevellock
      add MAINTAINERS information
      test: mmap2 is not ARM specific
      remove unused Makefiles
      or1k: add dummy sys/user.h for strace
      argp: select getopt / getopt_long
      nds32: add support for new architecture
      Add nds32 maintainers
      bump for release
Wenzel, Alexander (1):
      inet/getaddrinfo: fix AF_V4MAPPED behavior for non IPv6 host resolution

Have fun,

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